Sports Ambassadors

Cheadle Primary Sports Ambassadors 2018/2019

We love sport at Cheadle Primary School!


Our Sports ambassadors are selected from our Year 5-6 children to develop and support sport throughout the school. They help us keep everybody active by organising physical games and activities, running tournaments, sports events. competitions and fundraising.

Introducing our 2018 – 2019 Sports Ambassadors….


Sports Ambassadors Roles and Responsibilities

  • Listening to what other students want to do.
  • Organising and planning different types of events that will appeal to a range of young people.
  • Publicising events, competitions and school sports clubs.
  • Helping to organising sports events, such as Sport Week, Sports Days and celebration events and competitions.
  • Leading sporting activities in playground at lunch times.
  • Starting warm-ups.
  • To increase sporting participation


Why have Sports Ambassadors?

Allowing children to have a role in PE and sport can help them to:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Act as role models for other pupils
  • Provide insights to help steer PE & school sport
  • Encourage and enthuse others in being more active at lunchtime