House Points System

The children have been divided equally into four houses, named after local parks in Cheadle.

House Abney


House Bruntwood


House Brooklyn


House Jubilee


We have corresponding sticker charts and token collection tubes in each class to record house points. The new system allows us to reward individual and group achievement and it encourages children to earn points for their team. When a child is awarded a house point, they will put a sticker on the chart and a token in the collection tube. A child could earn a house point from any adult in school at any point in the day including lunchtimes and play times.

Children can earn points for academic achievement, work of a high standard and effort. They can also earn points when they demonstrate attitudes and attributes such as: respect, good manners, helpfulness, kindness and consideration, thoughtfulness, resourcefulness, resilience, teamwork, initiative and taking care of others and our environment.