Governing Body

Together with the Head Teacher Governors set the future direction for the school and decide how the school’s budget should be spent. Governing Bodies make decisions collectively on matters such as performance targets, school policies, school’s development plan and respond to Ofsted inspection recommendations. Governors monitor the impact of policies and oversee the use of the school’s budget. Governors provide the Head Teacher with support and advice, drawing on their knowledge and experience.  They ask searching questions and respect the Head Teacher’s position as professional leader of the school.

At Cheadle Village Primary the Head Teacher and Governing Body work in close partnership in sharing the responsibility for the strategies of running the school. The Governing Body consists of a Local Authority Representative Governor, Co-opted Governors, Parent Governors, a Staff Governor and an Associate Member.  Each Governor is either selected or appointed and has a term of office of 4 years. There are elected positions within the Governing Body eg Chair Person of the Whole Governing Body, Chair Person of a Committee.

The Whole Governing Body meet on at least a termly basis as do the Committees. At Cheadle Village Primary we have the following Committees:

  • Resources Committee – This Committee provides guidance and assistance to the Head Teacher and Governing Body on all matters relating to the budget, finance and staffing. It is the Committee’s role to review various policies and procedures including the Whole School Pay Policy, Staffing Structure and Equal Pay Opportunities. The Committee approves the budget plan and monitors spending. The Committee also looks at staffing and agrees the focus and placement of staff in line with the School’s development focus. The group is responsible for ensuring that the school and premises comply with Local Authority Guidelines by taking reasonable steps to ensure that the building, resources, equipment and materials are safe for everyone to use.
  • Teaching and Learning Committee – This Committee is responsible for making sure all aspects of the National Curriculum are followed and that targets are set and met. This Committee provides information to the Governing Body about how the Curriculum is taught and evaluated. The group is responsible for monitoring pupil progress, ensuring the curriculum is broad, balanced, inclusive and that policies are reviewed whenever appropriate.

The Governing Body of Cheadle Village Primary is focused on the continuous development and improvement of the school. We are all part of a Voluntary workforce that is dedicated in helping the school to provide the best possible education for all the children and support for all our stakeholders.

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