Useful Websites

Sites used frequently within school at the moment  All children have a school login Times table practice.
All children have a school login Parents can sign up for a free month. Use activation
code UKTWINKLHELPS This website is excellent and used frequently within
school, with printable resources for each area of the curriculum. Free home learning packages to use Select “parent” under job title, find
Cheadle Primary school and create a free account

Websites that are free or offer free trials A subscription service that has made lots
of resources free for home learning You Tube
channel with lots of videos, great for KS1 – free home learning packs
for reading and creative writing. There is also a payable app for £2.99 – some free resources, including daily
videos encouraging children to move p/ – a 2 week free trial for parents Free home learning
packs A very good geography website with
interactive maps Lots of resources and activities for all
areas of the curriculum 14 day free trial 14 day free trial Free home learning resource packs to download Free home learning resource packs to download Lots of educational activities including a free
version of Hit the Button for times table practice. An American site with lots of maths and reading
activities Interactive games for maths and other subjects Lots of interactive games
w – a downloadable, simple book review template a
free app Free educational English and maths games Lots of home learning packs and